The Legacy Campaign

A Vision for the Future

Our Master Plan

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Parish is moving to the flourishing community of Saraland, Alabama. Thanks to a generous donation, and in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Mobile, our parish has secured eighteen acres of pristine land for our new parish campus. Along Lafitte Road, this campus will maximize our proximity to new households, access to major highways and will allow us to build facilities with efficiency in mind. This new parish campus will be built over a fifteen-year period through a phased approach. The four-phased Master Plan includes:

  • Phase I: A parish hall and infrastructure for Phases I
  • Phase II: An office building, rectory and infrastructure for Phases II and III
  • Phase III: A Catholic school including a cafeteria, administration wing and gym
  • Phase IV: A church along with sports fields and courtyards dedicated to St. Thomas
Thermo December 22 2021

Looking to the Future

The Master Plan represents a long-term vision that will have an even larger impact on our parish and school community. In order to fully realize this vision, we will need to invest upwards of $15 million over the next 15 to 25 years. Although we cannot do everything at once, we recognize that we must start today to meet those needs that are the most urgent.

Throughout 2017, we conducted a comprehensive planning study that includes soil sample testing, architectural plans production and general cost estimates. The most pressing of needs comes from the plan to establish a presence in Saraland. From the first structure, our parish family can grow and continue building over time. Our parishioners value measured growth with a commitment to our values. We hold to the idea that the St. Thomas family is one that we all want to be a part of and are committed to bringing new Catholics into our faith family.

With God’s guidance, we take the first step towards building a presence in Saraland.

Campaign Prayer

Almighty Father,

We thank You for the countless blessings You have generously given us.
With grateful hearts we invoke You to send forth Your Holy Spirit as we take this leap of faith.
We leap in faith, trusting that You will provide for our new parish home.

With joyful hearts, we implore Your divine blessing upon those who labor for this effort.
Please bless the volunteers with courage to ask their brothers and sisters to sacrifice.
It is our joint sacrifice that gives us strength and makes us one with You.

It is in adoration that we build this new home for worship.
It is with pride that we leave this legacy of sacrifice.
And it is in thanksgiving that we build up Your kingdom on Earth.