Gallery 2021

With the help of our Religious Ed teachers and Mrs. Andrews, our youth put on a Nativity Play, December 24th, 2021.

Many thanks to all our amazing volunteers that came to help decorate St. Thomas the Apostle on December 13th and then, St. Bridget on December 19th. Both churches look very festive. 

This year a few of our families participated in the Saraland Christmas Parade with our KoC sponsored float. It was a lot of fun. December 12, 2021

A few behind the scenes pictures of our parish helpers working hard to make sure Fr. Saucier and our parish staff get things done right or gives the occasional “This could have been an email” look.

 A few of our CCD children shared what they were thankful for, discussing and creating  “Thankful Crowns.” During that day they also learned about St. Gertrude, who is often depicted with a crown, and St. Gertrude’s prayer for the Souls in Purgatory. 

The parish families of St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Bridget recently hosted a Eucharistic Mission from November 15th to November 20th . Each evening a guest priest (pictured below) reflected upon various aspects of Eucharistic theology. Each night’s presentation is available on the St. Thomas the Apostle YouTube channel or the Facebook pages of both St. Bridget and St. Thomas’ parishes.

HUGE Thank yous to the White Family and Mrs. Parker for decorating and to Mr. Bosarge and Mr. Christian for helping to clean up around the “Coming Soon” sign on St. Thomas the Apostle’s new church site.

It looks amazing and very festive. We hope to keep this going, for all the holidays. If you would like to help please contact our parish office.

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus, Council 13174, would like to thank all the St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Bridget parishioners for their donations for the Hurricane Ida Drive.  We were able to donate over 30+bags of charcoal and 60+ cases of water, plus 100+ lbs. of rice, 32 lbs. of red beans, 40 lbs. of sausage plus plates, utensils, lighter fluid, and other assorted goods. Our Brother Council, Archbishop Rummel, Council 5747, in Chalmette, La.  went and cooked red beans and rice for the affected residents of Plaquemines this past weekend.

Thanks again for your generosity,

Don Fogarty
GK 13174

A Celebration of Confirmation

Congratulations to Madison P. who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation Saturday, August 28th, 2021. Special thanks to Archbishop Rodi and our altar servers; Ramus A. and Chloe L.


​June 27, 2021 – Celebration of Rev. William P. Saucier’s 20th Anniversary of his Ordination

We would like to thank so many of you who came together to join in on the much needed fellowship which helped make Fr. Saucier feel so appreciated. A huge thank you to Doug & Monique Bosarge and Diana Cale for their hard work, planning and set up for this wonderful event.

Knights of Columbus at Work

A few members of our Knights of Columbus worked to clean up a Parishioner’s yard as part of a joint community effort with the Saraland Christian Association.  June 12, 2021.