Second Sunday of Lent March 13, 2022 Year of Saint Joseph Catholic “Just War” Part Two

“Yet the question of warfare is a moral question and the immensity of the problems inherent in
modern warfare does not excuse us from exercising moral criteria in evaluating those
problems. We cannot leave judgment about such matters to soldiers and leaders alone, because
the human dignity at issue is ours. We all share responsibility for how our human dignity is
treated. To refuse to think in moral categories about war is to surrender ahead of time to
barbarism and injustice.”

(Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Twelve Tough Issues, p. 52)

Second Sunday of Lent 2022

First Sunday of Lent Dominica I in Quadragesima (Latin Mass) March 6, 2022 Year of Saint Joseph Catholic “Just War” Part One

“There are several typical ways in which people think about war: First, all warfare is wrong.  This position finds simply no justification, at any time or in any circumstance, for opposing another human being to the extent of taking that human beings’ life, even in order to defend one’s own.  A second approach sees warfare as a dirty business which is sometimes inevitable.  It concludes that the best war is the quickest war, no matter what it may entail.”

(Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Twelve Tough Issues, p. 49)

First Sunday of Lent 2022